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he> The players know the game mechanics as regards combat and magic. Also
he> general rules for tasks and skills. The players, however, do not keep
he> experience or expertise points - I'll tell them whenever there is a
he> dull moment (when I have the time to tally up the points) - "OK, PC
he> 2, you now have MEL 3. This allows you to recharge 9 extra mana

I will record most of their points and then tell them for the first few
sessions then they know the deal and the paperwork goes only to the
npc/creature stuff.  I let them do their paperwork mainly because it gives them
something to look at and they know their strengths.  Ie walking into a cave
they know their mana level and current strength.

he> I do, however, encourage players to practise skills, magic, and
he> combat stuff if they want to improve. E.g. players want to go on an
he> extended sea voyage. Not allof them know seamanship and the potential
he> ship captain only has a starting knowledge of Navigation. In this
he> case, I encourage the players to hire a ship and a trainer for a
he> crash seamanship course for the 'landlubbers'. Meanwhile the captain
he> studies navigational charts and consults with colleagues in the port
he> (given his low level, this amounts to getting expertise for his
he> Navigation skill), while a wizard with sea powers may practise the
he> Friendly Current spell. Again, the players are encouraged to train
he> but do not know the exact specifics (i.e. no "let's practise one more
he> day, I need thos two extra expertise to get EL7.."). The other side
he> of this is (of course!?), that if a PC has practised 3 weeks and now

thsis is true...

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