A Campaign Concept

Curt koenig koenig at ODEON.IT
Sat May 16 10:20:14 CEST 1998

I believe most ref's change their games and systems.  Granted P&P is one of the
best thought out game systems, it also has lots of problems and weak areas.  A
Ref's job (IMHO) is to work out those problems and hide them from players.

I'm not saying that your players should not know what's going on...but they
have no need to understand the mechanics.  I'm 100% with you on this.  The
players should know their characters, but they should only have the characters
understanding of how things work.  On the realistic side of things,  this is
the only way to go.  On the practical side, however, it would create way to
much paperwork for the Ref (what with doing everything from tracking hit points
and informing them of general condition, and mana, etc.)

Most of my P&P campaigns have taken place in my own world with several skills
added, and modifiers fort this n' that.  Many of my own creatures too.  But,
Most of (but not all) of my players are not familiar with P&P. (notably my wife
being the exception)  I'm in the military so My campaigns are usually limited
to no more than two years with the same players.  Good and bad, but I agree
that limiting your players knowledge is one of the best ways to make things

especially if you describe the troll.  Unless the characters would have
knowledge of it, they may not even know what it is they are facing.  Very
dangerous, some of those apparently innocuous creatures there (i.e. T'essla).


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