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"B> I have sent to Wout a PDF file of my character motivations system.
"B> Feel free to use, abuse or otherwise comment on it.  If you come up
"B> with other motivations or good directions I have missed, send them
"B> along.

As with most things you've done..I'm impressed..just went on the site and found its a 3d6 system ok..I didn't look at every entry..but will likely
tomorrow at work.

Looks like a good thing to make into a program :)

"B> Now, why was the healer so ineffective? The Healer priest -- "To
"B> Protect Belief" (Why? "To Destroy Life") This twisted man, worships a

This one intrigues me destroy life somewhat contradicts the healing
aspect...but if you do it sorta the way your doing then it can work...very very
interesting twist there.

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