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>      Here is something..
>      The faerry seems to like Control.
>      I know there were a discussion of Fascination and control (mana and such).
>  Could one use control to interrogate?  I say yes.  But it seems to
>  take all the fun out of things :).
>      I suppose you could order him to tell ya the truth.
>      I might restrict control to a certain number of orders...
>      Any comments?

I've always played it that they will give you anything they would
give to a friend.    That way, if there is something that they
wouldn't tell anyone, the characters would have to at least do
some convicing.  My problem though hasn't ever been with that aspect of
the two spells, but rather with the unfortunate likelihood that
one character will just fascinate a mountain giant (or something
equally frustrating) and have a huge piece of cannon fodder...
er, travelling companion.
I still don't understand why control is bmc 6 and fascination is
bmc 1.  Hmmm...  The most irritating part about that is trying to
capture any fairy.  "I'll take fascination as my one innate power..."
So, we play with it as bmc 6.  I think that's a little more reasonable.

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