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Scott Cohan scott.cohan at SSA.GOV
Tue Jan 20 13:23:48 CET 1998

sc>   Glah.  The Plague is over.  For my daughter and I at least.  Unfortu
sc>   wife got it again, although she's mostly better now.

sa>Glad to hear..luckilly I've not gotten sick in several years.  My Con
sa>Score must be very high :).

  Well, I never used to get sick at all, until I played in a LARP called
  Lifeboat.  Trapped in an RV with 3 poeple with flu for 48 hours.  Plus I have
  my wife, a teacher, who brings everything back from school, and my daughter,
  who brings everything back from daycare.

sc>   Not for Ticasi.  They're much too liberal for that.  Merely denying
sc>   to the biggest library in the world is punishment enough.  Everyone

sa>Interesting..might have to visit there with the party...

  I haven't done that much detailing on Ticasi, although it might be fun to try.
   Especially the city plan, since it would be laid out very logically.

sc>   Yeah, I'm doing more planning now because they are so clever.

sa> have to grow with some groups...

  Well, the last time I ran some of these people, they weren't half as clever.
  They're catching up to me, and now I have to put forth the effort.  They've
  finally caught on that NPC's have some tactical sense as well.

sc>   Sounds good to me.  My next game isn't scheduled until next week, bu
sc>   should be entertaining.  Life in Porta.  The assassin has received a
sc>   spy on Hali Slitnose and see if she is up to something.  P'er, the D
sc>   duellist is looking to study with Farad Choman and see if he can pic
sc>   Two-Weapon Fighting.  The Gutter Golem gang is on the lookout for a
sc>   seven-foot-tall Rogizini woman, so there's some more trouble to be i
sc>   can't wait until the locusts.

sa>So ya saw no problems with my group? hehe...
     sa>Sounds like fun.  Gangs are hard sometimes in FRPGs..

  Well, tonight there's going to be at least one mass combat.  The party went
  into Gutter Golem territory and basically ambushed three gang members and then
  left signs to make it look like the Order of the Night Dragon did it.
  (They're a rival assassin's Guild to The Silent Ones, also based in Tilal,
  also looking to expand into Porta.  Hali Slitnose, leader of the Gutter
  Golems, is suspected of opening negotiations with them by The Silent Ones, so
  they sent the player-character Assassin to check it out.)  Well, of course
  this will cause some consternation, and combined with other events happening
  elsewhere in the city  (Purple gang and Blue devils getting ready to attack
  Sword GAng territory once Baris the Blacks plan reaches fruition)  Buildup of
  neighboring gangs will make the Gutter Golems nervous.  Of course, Hali thinks
  she's in on the plan, but you never know.
     At any rate, I'm looking to match the party (7) up against three times
  their number at some point.  The Dirllan Duellist has found the joys of the
  Sweep Maneuver, so I have to make it tough for them.  Heh.

  Scott "No, the other one" Cohan

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