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cr>         The character is thoroughly evil, in that he sees noone else b
cr> of import.  Others are not important, but can be useful in attaining g
cr> He will lie and manipulate to attain unwitting help from others, but i
cr> choice comes up between his goals and those of comrades, the comrades
cr> SOL.  And because others are not important, he will work to upset the
cr> of others for no more reason than being bored and the other annoyed hi
cr>         Now, this description was made with a particular character in

Interesting.  Sounds realistic to me...

     I tend to lean good more than bad mostly.  But do like bad sometimes.  I
think my most evil guy was in a sci-fi oriented game.  My fantasy genre tends
to be more balanced.

     Too bad in the Star Wars game (which I run and play in) you can't play the
Dark side :<.  Against the rules technically....(G)

     I play the old board game of Machievilli (for some reason which I can't
spell tonight).  If you read his works like THE PRINCE and such you know his
tactics which I love.  I can play that game with a poker face then end up
backstabing the pope in that game :).

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