The weirdness will now begin

Mon Feb 23 14:26:45 CET 1998

Just a note on my first group...the fourth player finally got his
character made up.

Now, for this game I am using the perilous lands, but rely on "Heros of
Legend" to make up the bachgrounds.

Now the Centaur was, in her background, enslaved (by a Donaran) and as a
result of this enslavement learned the equivalent of Eroticist (a very
strange Donaran).

The Dirllar character was also enslaved at one point in his life, by the
A'korchi.  He had learned Armorer beforhand, and he kept rolling the
result to further training.  He became a master armorer by doing all
their work.

The Caldan actually had a rather mild background.

The fourth, a Djani, is the kicker (they are heading to Djanesborg, this
will make fitting him in easier).  His mother was raped, which is how he
came about.  Later onn in the background we find that he is nearly an
identical twin of a son of a sitting noble...the King!  (Busy guy, that
king of Djanesborg). The player decided to go with the Trickster cult.

So, adding to this mix is a character who is following in the ways of a
cult that is very much outlawed and looked down upon, who looks like the
Prince of Djanesborg.

This will be very odd indeed.
     -- Burton

Burton Choinski, Peritus Software Services Inc.
bchoinski at

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