The Perilous Lands -- Caldo

Tue Feb 17 13:03:14 CET 1998

Scott Adams [SMTP:longshot at JAX.FIDONET.ORG]
|| You doing anything special for rulers...religion or using defaults?

If you are talking about my RQ usage, well, there is some conversion.
Since RQ rules have religion be a more
important part of the game (unlike P&P, where it is more fo a background
thing), things do get a bit tricky.  Caldo,
as stated, would follow the "cult" (using their term) of ancestor
worship, which has a few interesting spells.  Not all of the glorantha
cults convert over, and I will probably go through the list of gods in
the site book and try and pull out their "spells" (i.e. restrict
followers of a certain god to certain Divine spells).
           -- Burton
Burton Choinski, Peritus Software Services Inc.
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