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"B> Well, I'll still have to prune it to some degree.  While centaurs do
"B> exist in the Creatures book, and one could extrapolate out a PC race,
"B> there are no Ducks.  Fortunately, no Ducks exist as players right now
"B> (1 Centaur, 1 Human from Dirllar, 1 Human from Caldo).

     But who would want to play a duck?  Maybe I'm missing something as I've
not seen any info on them but other than the obvious (I guess) swimming
advantage what else is there about them?  The only place I figure I might play
a Duck is in the game of Toon :).

"B> One major difference is definitly combat.  Since RQ uses hit
"B> locations, it is possible to disable enemies with a little bit of
"B> damage.  Players don't get massesof HP -- the most I have in my group
"B> is about 17, and larger creatures are truely dangerous.  On saturday,
"B> the group was travelling up the road to Djanisborg and they got an
"B> encounter with Great Apes.  I had not converetd them yet, so I used
"B> the "gorillas" in the RQ creature book.

     Yeah hit locations make things like combat faster.  But you can always
call the special hit rules for called shots and such.  I tned to do both in my
pnp game at times hit location and plain combat.

"B> Now, these gorillas have 36 HP -- one of their "whollops" does 4d3
"B> damage.  If they managed to grapple on and squeeze they would do 4d6
"B> (!) damage.  Unlike a beefy P&P character which could be on a par
"B> (hitpoint-wise) with the apes, these characters have reason to fear
"B> them.

     Still it makes sense..a good sized gorilla in real life can tear up a
human if they wanted to.  they tend to be 2-4x stronger than humans.

     You could use a size factor to help things.

"B> So, when they apes attacked I had one big one and two normal ones (I
"B> didn't want to kill of the party in the first game :) -- Fortunatly,
"B> the priestess put one of them to sleep (well, her allied spirit did
"B> -- she cowered in the wagon) and the centaur, the other human PC and
"B> the 4 NPC soldiers guarding the wagon managed to take out the others.

     hehe...  The thing with apes though is the encounter motive.  Apes don't
tend to scare and attack humans unless they are was there a good
motive?  If not then you could just have them run off.  Its not like in the
jungle where it would be a predator-prey situation.  In the open road that's
slightly different.

"B> There was no severe damage, but it did chill them a bit -- Combat is
"B> dangerous.  This may change a few attitudes with my brother and
"B> friends when they play (I'mgoing to have 2 groups running).  Before
"B> they would wade into combat and lop heads with nary a trouble (high
"B> skill and CEL is tough to beat).  Now, they have to be a bit more
"B> cautious.  Also, having some sort of magical backup will be very
"B> useful.

     the thing with apes...fur/hair burns very nicely :).
     Hawkmoon is like RQ in some regards and its very dangerous combat wise.  I
remeber I had a situation like that when they JUST started an advaenture.  I
think they entered a cave and spiders ambushed.  Their first combat they had to
run because of their severity.

"B> Overall, with this combination system, the Perilous Lands are much
"B> more Perilous.


"B> Now, this first group is not due to play again until the 28th, my
"B> other group will play on the 21st.  Over the next three weeks I will
"B> probably be working up the Djanisborg area, perhaps even make a
"B> detailed map for it like I did the Ma'helan area.  I'll probably be
"B> at least posting the population data tomorrow.


must be nice to game..what I might do is try some table gaming..maybe type up a
list of possible games and post them in the local shop see who might be

"B> In a side note, I JUST found my old, old old pages on construction
"B> costs.  Looking it over it seems like it may have been made for RQ,
"B> but I will see about doing a conversion tonight to P&P terms.
"B> -- Burton

     Sounds great...

     Something to work on as well for the list might be some castle/building
information.  But pnp deals with some of that already...

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