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"B> Well, not much going on. never sent me your home address to mail the stuff ...been holding on
to them for a week or so :)

"B> My current P&P game has folded :p.  I will be starting up a new game
"B> that will be a very strange beast indeed:

lack of players or time?

"B>    1) Modified RuneQuest III rules (I added an Awareness attribute,
"B> other changes)    2) Said rules will use my "target-12" system, not
"B> the percentile of normalRQ.    3) Skills from GURPS, along with the
"B> noted skill defaults.    4) The Perilous Lands    5) Central
"B> Casting's "Heros of Legends" togenerate background

1) I ran RQ a few times...but its just collecting dust for the most part..
2) no % in your pnp huh...interesting...
3) that's a good plan..
4) very good idea! :)
5) not sure on that one..

"B> and Centaurs as possible player races (not to many places in the
"B> lands that then can be, however, most of the cultures in the lands
"B> will eat the ducks rather than trade with them).

ducks?! as in quack quack? I can understand centaurs though in pnp...

it must be a long time if I can't remeber that race :)

"B> will still be in the Perilous Lands, and as the travel (probably in
"B> the Caldo area now -- I see Caldo as being one of the most likely
"B> places where non-human races can actually be found and not really
"B> oppressed) I will expand on the area.  Anything I post here,
"B> obviously, will have my specific oddities expunged in order to keep
"B> this list on track.     -- Burton


I'm about to take my players to IRC for a session or something next week...just
have to work on the details..

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