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*** Quoting Powers and Perils Fantasy Rolepl... from a message to Longshot ***

PaPF> I'm a kind of nitwit when it comes to using map-editor programs. I can
PaPF> produce a map using pencil and paper much faster than if I would use a
PaPF> computer. Wout wants me to draw my maps on Corel Draw, so he can publi
PaPF> them on his site, but that is just too time-consuming for me.
PaPF> You know what kind of program would be cool to have? A combat simulato
PaPF> Large battles drive me crazy because of all the administrative paperwo
PaPF> especially when it involves mixed monster types & npcs. Priority
PaPF> determination, resolving and recording all hits for damage and
PaPF> expertise/experience calculation is a lot of work for me, poor GM...
PaPF> Ideally, I think a combat simulator integrates all book II and III rul
PaPF> needs a file system that knows all relevant scores from pcs, prefab mo
PaPF> and GM generated monsters and npcs. Each phase, first, GM and pcs move
PaPF> symbols on a hex-grid according to priority rules. Then, the program
PaPF> resolves missile fire, magic and combat. On the way, it records hit po
PaPF> fatigue value and armor damage and expertise/experience. Of course, th
PaPF> program must be as much fun and faster and easier to use than normal
PaPF> tabletop movement, dice-throwing and recording on paper. Well, I just
PaPF> on... :-)

I could try to make a program like that maybe late next year (summer min.).
the hard part would be data entry for the data but if i had say some paper data
of stats and such already typed/scanned in that would save 40% of the work.
That would be a fun program to do..hmm...but not immediately.

Type up a outline and everything you would want in a proposal and such things.
How big would the map be?..stuff like that.  Then I can have a copy for future

my email is longshot at that goes to my BBS.

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