Alchemy System ?

Oliver Hankeln oliver at SPEKTRACOM.DE
Mon Dec 7 07:36:37 CET 1998

You are right, that things are not as easy as i thought. But I don't think
doing random things is a good idea , because if someone wants to play an
alchemist , he (or she of course ) wants to ROLEplay that charakter. Just
looking into your book and reading about what to roll for a potion of poison
or acid or ... isn't too much ROLEplaying - an alchemist IS a scientist .
Maybe there are not too much "tools" like Maths and Chemistry . But , after
all i don't want my charakter to develop some high-tech ceramic but
something that's producing toxic clouds or something that is corossive ...
and with RANDOM results there can't be RESEARCH .... But RESEARCH is what i
am looking for ...

On Tue, 22 Dec 1998, Lyndon Liberty wrote:

> Nice idea, but it has flaws... in real life following a textbook proceedure
> RARELY yields what it is supposed to, especially when dealing with
> Quantity..... Ask any Second Year Chem. Major..........and SOMETIMES the
> Quality is very bad also..... Ask any Food Services Engineer.........  as
> for getting the Expected results consistantly..... well, that took Chemistry
> AND Mathmatics...... something that wasn't around then.......  still, the
> idea of doing random things is a good one......   Lyndon Liberty

> >I want to have a complex system with defined results . I don't think that
> >someone with all the ingredients the tools and a recipe should have to roll
> >some dice to decide wether he can mix some things and bring them to boiling
> >..
> >okay , i know some tasks are a bit dangerous - roll your dice then !
> >And i know some things have to be trained - but don't you think that in
> most
> >cases the result is the same wether a fully learned alchemist or a small
> >child mixes to potions ??
> >

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