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sc>   I noticed that some other people are using the Central Casting:
sc> Heroes of   Legend for characters in P&P, and I have some info for
sc> them:

Don't know of such a chart.  Hmmmm..

You say port doman is regressive? I played/ran alot there last year and I'd say
no.  If anything its stagnant.  And once they do something sudden they could
die once the formorian empire decides to act on their rebelious people :).

sc>   Also, I changed table 862c: Unique Talents to a d10.  If you roll
sc> 7-10, then   you roll on the Special Attribute Table.  Also, I have
sc> replaced 864 with the   Special Attribute Table.

Talents huh..hmmm...

sc>   In addition, I changed the Body Location table, based on the
sc> Medical Rule of   9s (Comes from a way of estimating Body percentages
sc> covered with burns).

sc>   01-09 Head   10-18 Chest   19-27 R. Arm   28-36 L. Arm   37-45
sc> Abdomen   46-54 Upper Back   55-63 Lower Back   64-72 R Leg, Front
sc> 73-81 L Leg, Front   82-90R Leg, Back   91-99 L Leg, Back   00
sc> Genitals

I like Fringeworthy's hit location table..use it alot...even coded a small
program on it years ago.

sc>   106b    39-40 - Born at midnight
sc>           41-42 - Born at Dawn or Dusk = Shadow Weaver
sc>           43-44 - Born at Noon

No born at equinox special situation :)

sc>   Hope you all enjoy!

sc>   Rev. Scott Cohan

I'll keep the info in mind and extracted it to look at when I need it.

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