Would a God by any other name smell as sweet?

Scott Cohan scott.cohan at SSA.GOV
Fri Sep 26 15:41:21 CEST 1997

> I personally would be interested in your HERO conversions, if only so
> I could use HERO as an engine to create things (and convert back).

     Well, my conversions aren't according to a strict mathematical formula, but
more of a guesstimate, based on the source material and trying to preserve the
feel.  I'll post them as I get them converted from HeroMaker into usuable ASCII
  Here's a list of the renamed gods:

  Chaos = Zardoz (I never liked a god named Chaos, and Zardoz is a strange
     enough movie to qualify)
  Adramelech = Adramoloch (basically same name, but Moloch is more recognizable
    to our group.  One of us has a cabin in the woods with a iron oven named
    Moloch.  If this explanation makes no sense, check your Bible.)
  Seth = Khesek
  Mephistopheles = Stophelem (pron. Sto-F-elem)
  Lilith = Ashura
  Hecate = Catheta
  Tiamat = Tiassat
  Metatron = Adonai
  Tehuti = Temuzi
  Dagda = Bran
  Manannan = Dylan
  Ogma = Aengus
  Nuada = Fionn
  Mathgen  = Cathbad
  Morrigan = Scathach
  Diancecht = Miach
  Lugh = Aed
  Yngvi = Taranis
  Ull = Oisin
  Brigit = Bride
  Gywydion = Mabon
  Rhiannon = Maeve
  Daenn = Ailill
  (For the Tuatha, I consulted a Celtic Scholar to help me)
  Goibniu = Culann
  Dionysius = Dion
  Odin = Grimnir
  Tyr = Teutas
  Mimir = Byrne (because he's the original talking head)

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