Perilous Lands -- where does everyone play?

Scott Cohan scott.cohan at SSA.GOV
Thu Sep 25 17:44:58 CEST 1997

>Well, since it is still so quiet, might as well start a thread.

>For those of you who use the Perilous Lands, where have your adventures
>centered and where have your player characters come from?

  Well, the original campaign back in 83-84 was in Marentia.  I recently (last
  year) converted everything (the world, the culture, classes, monsters, etc.)
  into the HERO system, and I have been using that system to run games in the
  Perilous lands.

  The first campaign, entitled "The Despicables" because the moral spectrum runs
  from grey to black, took place in Porta.  We had two Korchi mages (one was a
  Natural Magician, the Other a Shadow Weaver), a Rogizini
  pirate/merchant/secret cultist, his little demon friend, a Portan mercenary,
  and a dwarf.  That game died when one of the Korchi and the Portan broke up
  and the Rogizini got himself a job involving nightshifts.

  I have recently started it up again (because I was literally begged to) and we
  now center in Caldo (for the time being)  We have a Caldan mercenary
  (Fanatical Power - Chaos), a Ticasi Necromancer (who is wanted in Ticasi for
  the crime of Necromancy), a Dirlla duellist (with no honor), an assassin, a
  ranger/woodsman type (misanthrope and shapechanger-mountain lion), a Climan
  Temple Guard (who fled Clima to avenge the death of her family, inc. her Elven
  step-father at Fort Kira at the hands of Donaran raiders.  She passes herself
  off as a Rogizini).

>Other than the raw info in the culture book, has anyone run or played in
>games there and come up with additional background they'd like to share?
>personalities, mysteries, towns, etc?

     Well, in my earlier running of "The Despicables", the Rogizini trader was
     also a secret priest of the Sand Claw cult, so I developed some information
     for that, if anyone's interested.  I also changed many of the gods' names
     to make them a little less instantly recognizable, e.g. Metatron became
     Adonai, Set became Khesek, Hecate became Catheta, Tiamat became Tiassat,
     etc.  I'll happily post a list of changes, if there's enough interest.

     >-- Burton

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