Thu Sep 25 13:21:28 CEST 1997

> Wout Broere notes
> || >NOTE: I assume that minted coins are slightly more valuable than
> the
> || >same amount of plain metal.  The kingdom's seal is something of a
> || >"guarantee" that the coin is of a consistent worth to other coins.
> ||
> || On this last point: There still is the assumption here that one
> type of coin
> || is accepted throughout an entire world. (The SC of Donara is
> exactly the
> || same as the SC of Katai.)
> Oh, I agree that each country probably has its own coins, but having
> to deal with the conversion rate between Climan zuleks and Donaran
> drakaas as a rule adds more complexity than it gives back in flavor.
> The "generic coinage" allows one to abstract it out and you can just
> imagine that you are handing over a bag of Marentian copper standards
> rather than 102CC.
> || But any country will of course issue it's own coins, which are
> recognized
> || only within a limited distance of that country. So when the king's
> seal
> || actually increases the value of the coin to something above the
> value of the
> || metal, this increase is lost again with distance or time (old coins
> are
> || unrecognised too).
> Exactly.  I can't remember if I noted that, but coins from unknown
> lands should be treated as noted for barbarian cultures -- at true
> metal value.
>       -- Burton

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