Perilous Lands -- where does everyone play?

Wed Sep 24 16:25:11 CEST 1997

||Although I have never played any campaigns in Perilous Lands, a friend
> ||mine saw my copy and was so impressed he bought one to adapt to
> AD&D.  I
> ||never did find out how he did.
> Personally, I like the world since it is so detailed. The only problem
> I can see with adapting it to other game systems is how tied the world
> is to the law/chaos/elder/sidhe/kototh/balance alignment system.
> If I had to start a new game with a new system I would attempt to
> bring over the lands as well.
> I guess we will have to see what Avalon Hill does with its "new"
> Runequest.  They acquired the rights to the name and core system from
> Chaosium, but they are supposedly working on a new version of the
> system.  Since Chaosium retains the rights to Glorantha proper, I
> suggested to AH that they dust off the world they already own, the
> Perilous Lands, rather than present some generic and bland base.
> However, if the purpose of the rewrite is a "generic" system for
> fantasy RP, it may be up to us to convert over the system (if the new
> system is any good -- I also suggested they paw through their old P&P
> notes for good ideas).
>     -- Burton

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