Perilous Lands -- where does everyone play?

Wed Sep 24 13:21:32 CEST 1997

Well, since it is still so quiet, might as well start a thread.

For those of you who use the Perilous Lands, where have your adventures
centered and where have your player characters come from?

In my campaign of 10 years ago, my players characters tended to be from
either Marentia, Caldo or the Kameri, with a few Kazi here and there.
Our preferred play area seemed to be centered on Caldo, or centered on
Marenta (both cultures striking the fancies of the players -- Donara was
always reviled).

In my recent game, I have a Donaran who was raised by the elves (and
released back as a sympathetic spy for the elves!), a Kazi and a
Ma'helan who was captured by Climans and sold to our Donaran as a slave
(and thus became his apprentice).  At first it looked like the campaign
was going to center around Donara, but with the Donaran player leaving
the game (moved to the west coast), it may new center around Ma'helas, a
fairly "unexplored" area (for me).

Other than the raw info in the culture book, has anyone run or played in
games there and come up with additional background they'd like to share?
personalities, mysteries, towns, etc?
     -- Burton

Burton Choinski, Peritus Software Services Inc.
bchoinski at

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