Character Generation Variant

Tue Sep 16 18:19:19 CEST 1997

This list is too quiet. :)

One change (on many :) I made for my most recent game was in determining
attributes.  Most of my players like to have a little more control of
how their attributes come out and the following system was used.

When rolling attributes up, roll 12 times on a piece of scrap paper.
Dropping the lowest 2, allocate the remaining 10 to your attributes as

When determining App/Con modifiers, roll 3d10, dropping the lowest die
and choose which of the remaining dice are for App and Con.

Now, this system allows the players to initially tune their characters a
bit.  If they are going to get bad rolls on some attribute and want to
make a new character over it anyway, this eliminates some of that "lost
to fate" feeling and prevents a guy why wants to play a wizard from
being jammed with the intelligence of a grapefruit.

Burton Choinski, Peritus Software Services Inc.
bchoinski at

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