Testing and a first question!

Thu Sep 11 20:49:51 CEST 1997

I don't know how many are on the "List Perilous", but hello all.

The first toss into the aether -- has anyone else decided to chuck the
extremely warped price list for the equipment and come up with their
own?  I have been toying with using the GURPS prices (from the standard
rulebook), although the axe and mace prices are a bit low in comparison
to other weapons (due to the "unbalanced weapon effect), but with
reasonable prices you don't get such bizarre pricings as 1SC for a
quarterstaff (buck and a quarter staff? :)

It also provides me a way to add new stuff.

Anyone else?

Burton Choinski, Peritus Software Services Inc.
bchoinski at peritus.com

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