Naval Ships and Tech discussion (LONG)

Larry D. Hols crkdface at PCPARTNER.NET
Tue Dec 16 23:13:10 CET 1997


>  Did some more research, and found that springalds went out of fashion
>   Found a good book entitled "The Crossbow"  written by a rich Brit back
>in the
>  1880s or 90s who built his own catapult weighing a ton and a half.  Good
>  information on ranges of crossbows as compared to longbows, good info on
>  firing rates, good info on seige weapons, and the famed repeating crossbow.

        What's the info on the book?  Title, publisher, all that?

>  Ok, so I have a degree in Classical Studies.  I still like the show,
>it's just
>  a complete fantasy, with no bearing on historical realism.  Much like the
>  Perilous Lands and it's naval technology.  (Feeding back on the original
>  thread)

        I don't watch the shows for the reason that they're so grossly
inaccurate and also bad fantasy (which is a different thing.)  As a game
master, I prefer that my players not watch them, either.  I am blessed in
that the group I just started has noone who watches either of the shows.


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