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Wout Broere w.broere at CT.TUDELFT.NL
Mon Dec 15 19:44:56 CET 1997

>     2) Mana Battery: A player of mine about 5 years ago created a mana
>battery.  His argument seemed valid.  That it would store his mana for drainage
>at various times.  Has anyone done similar?

Yes, we do have some characters use mana storage amulets, as described in
the optional part of Perm. Magics. This means creating sopme kind of table
on your char. sheet and keeping record of only your own mana, but also of
that of your amulets.

>     3) Mass Combat rules: Anyone have thsoe type of rules?  I have a Gamma
>World article from TSR that covers some good details to use (I also run Gamma
>World so a plus as well).  Any for pnp?

We have at times adapted several sets of mass combat rules to p&p. Warhammer
fantasy battle and Warhammer 40k Epic Battle rules both were good for a one
time only experience. We also adapted the fantasy part of some very old
wargame (can't remember the name now) once, not to great a succes either.
Only the W 40k Epic implementation has been typed up, unfortunately it is in
a Dutch/English mixture. For those fluent in both languages, mail me if you
want a copy.
None of the above lasted. We are now considering a new set of mass combat
rules. The implementation has been postponed however till the next mass
combat, i.e. not in this campaign.

>     4) Wish everyone a happy holiday season no matter what your beliefs..!!
(I'm reading Terry Pratchetts 'Hogfather' at the moment; the plot to kill
Santa) But I second that, Happy Holiday to all.


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