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||     Very interesting.  I might consider this as well for the game.
|| And if the FV=0 it shatters.  It would take a Armorer skill to
replenish that
||value I assume.

Yes, at 0 it is pretty much gone. Now "Shatter" is a relative term.  For
blades this might be accurate and repair would require an armorer, and
if broken replacement.  For "hafted" weapons like an Axe (note the lower
FV), I think this represents damage to the wooden shaft, which is easily
replaced for any skilled woodsman or woodworker (bringing the FV back to
the original, -1 for head fatigue).  The GM has to apply a little
visualization to decide what needs to be fixed.

||What about armor Damage Resistance (DR) since you can't
||'block' with armor :).  Same situation ?  Do you allow the parry in
||to their normal attack that segment or do you allow the parry OR the
attack (as
||most systems do).

SInce there is no separate parry/block skill (it being an effect of the
combat table), I allow it.  So if you have your back to the way with
sword and shield you can go full defensive and add shield EL and weapon
EL to the attacker's roll.  This is the benefit of shield+weapon vs.
weapon alone (and parrying with it) -- double the defense when you need

||     Fascinating and makes sense.  I assume you also do magic ELs (for
|| weapon) as a bonus as well?

Magic is dealt with slightly different.  For items with added skill, the
EL always applies to the primary purpose.  Thus a sword always adds to
the attack, a shield to the defense.  Any user skill may apply to
improving fatigue or AV.

||"B> For damage TO a weapon when attacking, only use the die roll plus
||"B> when checking for weapon damage.  For deadly hits, use the first
||"B> rolled and SB.
||     Lost me there?  Oh I see if the parry fails then damage to the
||(chipping it, etc.)  use the die roll? or you mean the damage roll.

No, this is for attacks against hardened targets only (shields or NAV of
3+ or plate armor).  The weapon may suffer damage on the attack just
from whacking the hard surface.  For normal hits (and shield hits) only
compare the d6 roll plus SB against the FV of the weapon (do not count
magical adds or WSB).  For Severe hits (against plate armors and high
NAV), only use the 1d10 roll plus the SB against the FV+2 of the weapon
(do not count magical adds or EL adds or WSB).  Finally, for Deadly
hits, use the first 1d10 roll plus SB against FV+2.
    -- Burton

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