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*** Quoting "Choinski, Burt"  from a message to longshot ***

"B> The FV (and accompanying damage to armor) is there if you wish to
"B> take on the extra detail of having equipment wear down through use.

DR for Armor.  That's the jist I got.

"B> We don't use it, for the most part -- as written you are likely to
"B> shatter your weapon with every deadly hit.

Neither do I.  Ever play Fantasy Hero?  Their shatter rules are pathetic.  We
probably lose 10 weapons per game session (G).

"B> Whe have used a modification of the FV rules and it works out okay.
"B> In our game we allow characters to use their weapons to parry with if
"B> they do not have a shield, so when a parry is performed the damage
"B> done is compared to the weapon FV.  If over 1/2 the current FV, the
"B> current FV is reduced by 1 -- if over FV the weapon is rendered
"B> useless (and loses 1 FV).  EL with the weapon may be applied to the
"B> weapon FV to resist this (i.e. turning a block into a deflect, which
"B> is easier with higher skill), but any EL applied this way is not
"B> available for damage or tohit.

     Very interesting.  I might consider this as well for the game.
And if the FV=0 it shatters.  It would take a Armorer skill to replenish that
value I assume.  What about armor Damage Resistance (DR) since you can't
'block' with armor :).  Same situation ?  Do you allow the parry in addition
to their normal attack that segment or do you allow the parry OR the attack (as
most systems do).

"B> Let me explain this with an example. Joe Kazi has EL7 in sword.  Each
"B> turn he distributes these 7 "points" toward Attack, Defense or
"B> weapon. EL points applied to attack are subtracted from his roll and
"B> apply to any damage rolls he makes.  El applied to defense adds to
"B> any attacker's rolls against him and EL applied to weapon add to it's
"B> FV when resisting damage.  Thus, he could do 4/1/2 and attack with an
"B> effective EL of 4, add 1 to any attacker's roll and give a sword with
"B> an FV of 8 an effective FV of 10 for that turn.

     Fascinating and makes sense.  I assume you also do magic ELs (for that
weapon) as a bonus as well?

"B> Shield skill applies similarly, with El being split between defense
"B> and shield (adding to the AV).

     Yep.  Not many use shields it seems in my games except for the specialized
characters like shield maidens I create or something.

"B> For damage TO a weapon when attacking, only use the die roll plus SB
"B> when checking for weapon damage.  For deadly hits, use the first 1d10
"B> rolled and SB.

     Lost me there?  Oh I see if the parry fails then damage to the weapon
(chipping it, etc.)  use the die roll? or you mean the damage roll.

"B> As to armor damage, we haven't really used the existing system too
"B> much as it has too much "extra" numbers to deal with.  At present we
"B> just decide among ourselves if the armor is so beat that it needs to
"B> be replaced.

     Yes.  I probably will only use this system in extreme cases.


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