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        Boy is the list slow this month?

>Well, I wasn't about to let gunpowder in the game.  Unfortunately, the raw
>ingredients are everywhere, perhaps they just don't explode here (the only
>explosive is jeweler's rouge?) ;-). Thank you, Mr. Zelazny.  No, really, I'm
>ust not going to worry about gunpowder.  As far as armor, I think it would
>be safe to say that it is artificially inflated (tech-wise) thanks to the

      True.  I probably if I ever use Gunpowder is in mild forms like
      a ninja explosive ball.  But the knowledge will be rare.  So far
      I've not had need for it or desire.

> Like L'p'nth buying food from the Sea of Tears through the Cerulean Empire?
> Also, don't forget that countries can pick up tech knowledge through simple
> observation (wheels and stirrups) or captured war booty or even simple
> espionage.

        That's the fun part of it.  Having items and spies figuring them
        out all their own.

> But the main problem is that the ships of the 'pirate' period (1620-1720)
> were designed to use cannon.  Elements of their design are critical for
> cannon,like the gun deck.  Also, there's not much room on the deck for a
> catapult.  And Greek Fire?  You would need some sort of boiler to build up
> the pressure to 'fire' the fire any distance, and that's a little too close
> to steamships for me.  (that's of course, assuming that the reconstructions
> are correct).  Trust me, if I thought I could get away with sloops and '
> flutes and barqs, I would, because I have some good ship info on them
> (from 'Pirates!").

        Some did not use high tech gear like that.  Some were fast ships
        which only attacked at night or ambushes.  They depended on personal
        combat or close quarter (arrow) combat.  Which tends to be the pnp
        world.  I think it could be rigged with small catapults (eyptians
        used a mild form).  Greek fire well I've read about it before but
        nto sure how they handled it.  Pirates?

>Why?  Do you think it's amusingly small or unbelieveably large?
        seems large for ships of those sizes.  Pre-galleon ships and
        the like.

>Depends on what you consider a 'standard' pirate ship.  Usually sloops were
>involved, although captured merchantmen were used as well, and barqs and

        Well how about info on say a small fast ship or a medium merchantman.
        One of my players (a pirate) wants to buy his own but is about 100
        gold short (I had to use a ship with cheap pricing from a used
        ship and a 'friend''s deal.

>Well, how much do 30 horses and their food for two days weigh?
        Hmm..well I'd say 4500-7500 for the horses depending on size
        and the food is nominal say 200 pounds.

>No, it's not in the Culture Book.  It's a small reference from the Tower of
>the Dead, if you roll a 10 for Sea Yovage Encounters:
>"A trireme of the Climan fleet catches the ship and boards...For the Climans,
>about 80 plus the Priestess commaning and a Character-class Captain are
>potential combatants.  (The others are galley slaves.)..."

        I knew I read it somewhere but I don't have that yet.
        Good number ...

>first page of the "The Priesthood" article, so I really can't comment on it
>(If anyone would like to fax me a copy, please do so.) That, plus the
> Priestly Magic section would be really great.  In return, I have the Sea of
>tears article (which I got from Wout) and I also have a zox of "Doom Manor".

        I got a copy photocopy from Maj. in denmark.  But I've not receieved
        any email from him since early summer.  its hard to read so scanning
        it would be hard..hmm..doom manor? don't have that...darn...

>Oh, yes.  Definately something on the large side, like whatever the
>Portugese >used to get to Japan.

        Maybe we can work on these theories and iron out some real stats
        for pnp like sizes and such later on.

>I'd love to see it, if you could forward it to me.  Is this the one
>written by (can't think of hte name, president of Fantek)?

        I'll post it after this in the list.  It probably is one you
        have already seen.  It was in dragon magazine.  I find it
        a useful reference.  I'll dig the text file up.
     Not sure on the copyrite issue with the text file.  But since it has all
the legal stuff on it I guess its ok?  I hope so.  If not sorry!

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